The Strength of Our Screens

FilmOntario is the best of Ontario’s Screen-Based Industry

We are an industry consortium representing the over 45,000 individuals working in the screen-based industry in Ontario. Our member organizations are from all parts of the film, television and digital media industries, including unions and guilds, production companies, studios, suppliers, and financial and legal services organizations. Our industry contributed over $2.1 billion in production spending to the provincial economy in 2019.

Film & TV Productions in Ontario
Film & TV Production Spending (in millions)
Film Industry-related jobs

Film and TV production statistics, Ontario Creates, 2021.


In addition to the jobs created directly by the industry, the film and television business supports hundreds of small businesses across Ontario. Your local coffee shop, hardware store or favourite landmark may have appeared on screen or benefitted from supplying a production.

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2022 Ontario Election

May 6, 2022|

Election Day is June 2, 2022! To make sure you are registered to vote, check out the Elections Ontario website. Here you can also find information about where and how to [...]

2022 Provincial Budget Consultations

March 4, 2022|

FilmOntario’s 2022 Budget submission focusses on stable and effective tax credits, workforce development, and investments in domestic content creation and diversity.

FilmOntario members represent a range of organizations across Ontario’s screen-based industries – unions, guilds, producers, studios, equipment suppliers, financial and legal services, and more. We are proud to highlight a few of our members below. Find our complete member listing here.



Sim is a leading supplier of camera equipment to the entertainment industry. Sim’s Vancouver, Toronto and North Bay facilities offer the very best in camera equipment rentals, and technical expertise available today. From full-frame to SUPER 35 cameras and specialty cameras and lenses, we’ve got you covered.

First Mile Technologies

First Mile

First Mile provides professional grade on-set streaming and connectivity solutions for film and media production through blended cellular, satellite, and wireless mesh networks designed to keep creatives working and executives in the know.

DGC Ontario

DGC Ontario is a provincial labour organization representing over 3,000 key creative and operational specialists and their assistants. DGC Ontario secures work opportunities for its Members, represents their interests through the negotiation and administration of collective agreements, and engages in extensive industry advocacy and lobbying activities.



NABET 700-M UNIFOR represents over 3,000 Film, Television and New Media Technicians in the province of Ontario.

Video footage provided by: Breakthrough Films, Deluxe Toronto, Entertainment One, Motion Picture Association – Canada, Mr. X, New Real Films, SK Films, Sim, SpinVFX, Take 5 Productions, Technicolor, William F. White International Inc.