FilmOntario Appears Before the CRTC Today!

As part of the ongoing consultations related to the implementation of The Online Streaming Act, FilmOntario will be appearing at the CRTC today. The focus of the hearing, which starts today and is scheduled to last for three weeks, is to examine how traditional broadcasters and online streaming services should support the Canadian broadcasting system, including Canadian and Indigenous content.

Ontario’s competitive advantage is dependent on balancing the priorities of domestic producers with maintaining the province’s attractiveness as a foreign production jurisdiction. Our goal in participating in this proceeding is to ensure that financial contributions that support the creation of Canadian content are determined in a fair and equitable manner, do not favour production in other parts of the country over Ontario production, and maintain the current proportion of funding directed toward French- and English-language content.

FilmOntario’s initial intervention and reply comments can be found on the CRTC website here.

If you are interested in following along with the hearing, you can watch it here. The hearing continues until December 8.