The Ontario Film & Television Consortium started meeting Wed. Dec. 5th 2001 and consisted of 6 members, originally known as the Six Senses, named after the restaurant (5 Senses) where the first meeting took place.

The Six Senses consisted of Brian Topp from ACTRA Toronto, Marcus Handman from the Directors Guild of Canada- Ontario Council, Patrick Whitley from Dufferin Gate/ Temple Street Productions, Rick Perotto from I.A.T.S.E. Local 667, Sue Murdoch from Pebblehut Too, Inc., and Nick Gray from Seventh Man Films. These 6 original members resolved that Ontario required a strong united voice from the private sector to promote and market Ontario, to ensure all participants worked towards a common goal, to secure job opportunities for Ontarians in the motion picture industry and to lobby all forms of government to ensure the viability of film & television production in Ontario.

From the original 6 founding members, the Consortium grew to include other union & guild representatives, companies and organizations … all with the combined determination to continue the mandate of ensuring Ontario was an efficient, professional and viable province for film and television production.

In July of 2002, Andy Sykes from Command Post & Transfer Corporation, Mark Prior from The Comweb Group, Mimi Wolch from I.A.T.S.E. Local 873 and Ross Leslie from N.A.B.E.T. 700 CEP joined the group and formed the first Board of Directors.