The City of Toronto is the centre of Ontario’s Film and Television Industry. In 2022, the industry generated over $3 billion in spending across the province, with the bulk of that ($2.5 billion) taking place in the City of Toronto. This translates into 45,000 direct and indirect FTEs.

When a mayoral candidate knocks on your door, ask them how they will support the industry!
  • 1

    Will they support the activities of the Toronto Film Office?

  • 2

    Will they be a champion for the industry by:

    – advocating on behalf of the sector to other levels of government on issues such as tax credits; and

    – promoting the City as a world-class filming jurisdiction to domestic and inernational partners?

  • 3

    Will they continue to work with community and industry partners on training opportunities for film and television production, with a focus on continuing to diversify the industry in front of and behind the camera?

  • 4

    Will they support the industry in its efforts to become more sustainable?

  • 5

    Will they ensure that the City continues to be a great place to invest in studio infrastructure by building on existing opportunities for studio development and making sure that projects across the City that have already been announced get built?

  • 6

    Will they continue the Film, Television and Digital Media Board as a Council Advisory Board?

Election Day is June 26!

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Where do the Candidates Stand?

A full list of mayoral candidates, and their contact information, can be found here.

FilmOntario has reviewed all the candidates’ platforms, and those who have made arts and culture commitments can be found below. We have also reached out to the leading candidates to provide information about the film and television industry and our key issues, and inquire about where the candidates stand on those issues. Our one-sheet can be found here.

We will continue to update this page as we get more information, so check back often.

And don’t forget to vote on June 26!

Ana Bailão

In response to an inquiry from FilmOntario, Ms. Bailao’s campaign responded: “On behalf of the campaign, we are pleased to fully endorse the requests listed in your letter. Ana recognizes the vital importance of Toronto’s internationally-renowed film and television sector and has been an advocate for the sector while on Council. But more must be done.

If successful, Ana looks forward to meeting with you shortly after the election to discuss how the supports you raise can be implemented quickly and to the greatest benefit for the industry.”

Ms. Bailão’s arts and culture announcement can be found here.

Olivia Chow

Ms. Chow’s arts and culture platform can be found here.

Anthony Furey

In response to a question from FilmOntario regarding his film and television platform, Mr. Furey responded:

“A big part of my platform involves supporting the economic growth of our city, championing businesses and attracting investment. Your members should know that I will be a big supporter of the film and television industry in Toronto.

In order to do that, I would focus on ensuring our city is safe, that people can get around and that there is no onerous bureaucracy or red tape holding your industry back. If permits are not dealt with within a certain time frame, they will be automatically approved.”

Mitzie Hunter

Ms. Hunter’s arts and culture commitments can be found on page 31 of her platform document.

Josh Matlow

Councillor Matlow has made the following commitments to the film and television industry:

  • Reduce red tape for film studio expansion and artistic events
  • Actively promote the City’s film and television sector locally and across North America to sustain Toronto as a leading jurisdiction for production and post-production
  • Grow our film and television talent pool by promoting jobs in the sector through Toronto Employment and Social Services and supporting opportunities through organizations like the Toronto Arts Council

His full arts and culture platform can be found here.

Reginald Tull

Mr. Tull’s platform includes a commitment to “expand film production and build the entertainment industry in Toronto.”